FIFA 15 Pro Clubs: Tips & Tricks

I wrote recently about how FIFA 15 for next-gen consoles feels like soccer has finally arrived, and over the last couple of weeks since the game’s release I have been playing FIFA Pro Clubs with a group of online friends, and Leo. Along the way I have managed to pick up a few tips and tricks for those just beginning down the path of Pro Clubs.

When it comes to Pro Clubs, the most important thing to remember is you can’t be a one-man team. Your teammates are there to help cover the field and to coordinate with on attacks. Your virtual pro has a limited amount of stamina to pull from, and the more sprinting and effort you put into moving about the pitch the faster you will deplete your reserves.

Once a virtual pro’s stamina bar is lowered enough, the chance of injury increases significantly which can leave your team essentially down a man for a good couple of minutes of game time. Use your stamina wisely, however, and you will be able to gut tired opposition with dicing runs late in matches when goals are at a premium.

It is also important to find your personal play style and niche within your team. Where do you excel on the pitch? This can change from match to match based on team needs. Just remember while scoring goals is important, defending and clearing balls from your own box is just as important if not more-so.

I recently made a switch from attacking midfielder/forward to defensive midfielder, and ever since then our Pro Club has been on a bit of a hot streak. I don’t attribute all of our newfound success to my switch, but I have noticed we’ve given up significantly fewer goals. I now tend to play deeper on the pitch, providing extra cover for computer defenders who get beat far too easily.

In past iterations speed killed. If you made your virtual pro short, he would be insanely fast and able to whip by even the most talented of defenders. This iteration of Pro Clubs relies more upon a healthy dose of speed, strength and balance. The latter perhaps being of the most important traits of an attack-minded pro as it effects the quality of shots and crosses, as well as whether challenges topple your player mid-run.

While weight and height play a role in determining your pro’s base stats, so too does the position you choose and the style of play you dictate for them. The more you defend, the more your defending accomplishments will rack up affording you extra points in various defending-related stats. The same holds true for attacking or even goal-keeping. Make sure to look at the various accomplishments so you are aware of what actions you need to take to bolster your player’s abilities.

If you’re just breaking into Pro Clubs feel free to look us up on the Xbox One. We are Wombles FC, and we would love to have you join us and are more than happy to help you become the best Pro Clubs player you can be.