Houston Dynamo Academy Goal of the Month: November

With another month done, it’s time to vote for the Houston Dynamo Academy Goal of the Month! As usual the folks over at the Academy have picked out a great mix of amazing goals, with each one better than the last in an endless loop of greatness. The winner of the voting gets a new pair of Adidas cleats. To vote, simply Tweet the Academy with the hashtag of the player who scored your favorite goal below.

1. #VoteDanny

Our first goal comes from Danny Rios against the U-12 Academy. Danny collected the ball along the right flank and charged right at three defenders. After dancing past them and just to the right, he lifted his head up and saw the goalkeeper was off his line. He sends in a wonderful chip into the far netting for a beautiful goal from distance. The keeper had no chance on this one. Danny did a great job of showcasing his on-the-ball skills as well as his vision and technical skills.

2. #VoteMessi

Kevin “Messi” Rodriguez is in at number two with his goal against Lonestar SC. Kevin found himself on the left flank unmarked, just outside the box. He collected a neat pass before duking out a defender for a clean shot. He sent a low, powerful shot just past a diving keeper. This goal is impressive because Kevin had to keep his composure as the defender he had just juked had gotten to his feet and was attempting to jump in the way of the shot. Knowing this he sent a shot across the box quickly and calmly, a talent needed in an attacking player.

3. #VoteTitus

Titus Galvao’s goal against the U-12 is next up on the voting block. This goal will be very familiar to old school Dynamo fans. When his teammates aren’t able to penetrate the defense, the ball comes trickling to Titus deep into midfield. He sends a one-time volley across the field and into the net, catching the goalkeeper cheating off his line, thinking that with action up the field he can relax. This beautiful volley-bomb crashes into the back of the net. Dwayne De Rosario couldn’t have done it any better.

4. #VoteFlores

One of our favorite young striker here at OrangeInTheOven is up next with Charly Flores’ goal against Lonestar SC. Controlling the ball in midfield, Flores starts pushing forward as his teammates move the ball around midfield. After a wonderful overlap along the right flank, a looping cross is sent into the box. Flores leaps into the air and cooly redirects it into the net. We’ve all seen this goal before and Mullan/Waibel/Ching made so famous back in 2006. Classic Dynamo all the way and a fantastic team goal.

5. #VoteJack

Jack Clarkson’s goal against the U-12s is up for a vote but don’t think that just because of his father being the only reason he’s on the list. Nope! This is a brilliant goal from the youngster. Strikers have to be aware. Not just of themselves but where they are in relation to the net, the goalkeeper and the defenders marking them. Jack does a great job in all respects, collecting a pass just outside the box. He turns to his right, seeing out of the corner of his eye that his defender has pulled back several steps and the goalkeeper has pulled himself closer to the far post. Jack sends a great volley above the defense and into the opposite side netting for a great goal, catching everyone unawares. With his body pulling away from net, this is an impressive feat from the youngster.

6. #VoteLucio 

Arguably the most exciting moment from the past month is up next with Lucio Martinez’s goal against the Colorado Rush. Being down a man after a red card, the Dynamo were doing well to hold on to a slim 1 – 0 lead. Into stoppage time Lucio was up top alone and found a gap between the defenders. He calmly collected a desperate pass and went full throttle down the field. He stayed just ahead of the onrushing defenders and saw the keeper rushing at him. Knowing he couldn’t get past the defense and seeing the keeper way off his line, he sent a beautiful chip into the net right before the referee blew his whistle for full-time. His entire team mobbed him and the team enjoyed a well deserved goal after a tough second half down a man.

7. #VoteLuca

Highly-touted phenom Christian Lucatero is on the list with a goal of his own against Lonestar. Another great team goal, the ball is pushed forward from the back quickly, catching the Lonestar defense off guard. After a brilliant layoff, Luca pushes wide and off to the races he goes! Once he gets near the 6 yard box he sends a hard blast into the back of the net, leaving the goalkeeper no chance to parry it away. It’s exactly the kind of goal one wants to see in an attacking midfielder. He has the pace to keep ahead of the defense and the technique to send the ball past a keeper trying to make himself big.

Check out the goals and be sure to tweet @DynamoAcademy your favorite one with one of the above hashtags!

Also, don’t forget to attend the Dynamo Academy Alumni match on Thursday, December 18 at 6:30 PM, at BBVA Compass Stadium in downtown Houston! Tickets are free to the match and you’ll be able to see newly signed Academy Alumnus Memo Rodriguez as well as several of the above current Academy players!


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