Welcome to Orange in the Oven

Welcome to Orange in the Oven, the newest addition to the Houston soccer scene. We look forward to bringing you all the latest news and analysis on the Houston soccer scene.

Our main focus will be the Houston Dynamo and the Houston Dash, but we also plan to provide coverage of other Houston area teams like the Houston Aces and Houston Hurricanes. In addition to covering the here and now, we will also be bringing you a bit of the past through our Dynamo Flashback series and Houston Soccer History series.

Now for the name: “Orange in the Oven”. Some of you may no doubt wonder where in the world this comes from. As you know, the primary colors for the Dynamo and Dash are orange, so they are the “Orange” in “Orange in the Oven”.

The “Oven”? Starting right about this time of year, BBVA Compass Stadium can only best be described as an oven. Within that oven, Houston blends a recipe of one part the best teams in MLS and NWSL, one part the best fans in both leagues and one part the hottest most humid conditions opposing teams can possibly imagine.

Over the course of 90 minutes, we cook opponents in that oven until they collapse like a soufflé that has been prepared incorrectly. Come the final 20 minutes of the match, they are dead men walking and that is when we strike. So, BBVA Compass Stadium is the “Oven” in “Orange in the Oven”.

So there you have it, the background and logic behind the name “Orange in the Oven”. Sporting Kansas City has its Cauldron, but we have our oven. We hope you like the name and have a bit of fun with it.

If you enjoyed our work at House of Houston we invite you to follow us here at Orange in the Oven. Of course continue to check out our good friends at the House of Houston as well as they continue to bring you top notch content on all the Houston sports scene.

We sincerely appreciate all of our readers and hope to continue to bring you the best in full coverage of the Houston soccer scene.

Thanks again,

Hal and Leo

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  • Michael Morales

    Guys, what can I say? It’s truly amazing to think that over a year ago, Fansided/House of Houston – nothing against them – had little local soccer coverage. In just under that time, you (Hal) and Leo have not just added coverage for the Dynamo but also for the Dash. And it has to be said, this is not just a rehash of press releases or cursory, somewhat generic articles: these are based on watching games, going to practices and taking notes there as well as talking to players and coaches. I’m just in awe that in such a short period of time you guys have been able – with the blessing and support of HoH/Fansided – to launch a site with the breadth of content that you have. A true tip of the hat to you both and look forward to seeing this site grow.

    Keep it up and cheers

    • Hal Kaiser

      Thanks Michael! We appreciate it and look forward to continuing to improve and bring even better coverage!

    • http://orangeintheoven.com/ Leopoldo Ponce

      Thanks for your support! It really means much more than you can ever imagine.

  • Joel Wagler

    Excited to see what you guys will accomplish. Congrats!