Houston Dynamo FC: Return to success can start with Sebastian Ferreira

Houston Dynamo FC v Los Angeles Galaxy
Houston Dynamo FC v Los Angeles Galaxy / Dave Bernal/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Houston Dynamo FC keep making the right decisions for the club’s MLS future but the decisions don’t get the club any better standing than next-to-last in the MLS Western Conference.

What if you did everything you possibly could for a successful career? Yet for every good decision you make, you’re near the bottom in recognition.

That’s the situation players find in this season’s edition of Houston Dynamo FC. After some good roster moves and a coaching change, supporters witnessed several flashes of brilliance.

Now the MLS season draws to a close and the team has crawled out of the dead-last position in the Western Conference. The result is next-to-last.

Supporters will need a proper period of mourning for a season that is miserable in year-long statistics despite some brilliant wins with exciting play all across the pitch. That hopeful evidence awaits when the period of mourning ends.

The first place to look for hope is in the performance of forward Sebastian Ferreira. His achievements on the pitch already have been recognized by MLS league-wide when he was named to the league Team of the Week on Oct. 3

In the latest match against Nashville SC, Ferreira scored twice for a Dynamo 2-1 victory. The forward scored 12 goals going into the team’s final game of the season – already the most for a Dynamo player in his first season.

Ferreira is comfortable on top when the Dynamo go to a 4-2-3-1 formation. Besides consistently contributing goals, he rates among the highest Dynamo players in scouting reports following every game.

But Ferreira isn’t magic, nor is he a David when opposing MLS Goliaths. When the Houston Dynamo FC front office gathers in the post-season to remap how to build this team, they can begin with players like Ferreira. Which line item qualities match or complement what he brings to the pitch.

Then, as they break his qualities down into line items, just see what other players match them.

They’ll find Ferreira’s style as focused on the counter-attack, with a talent for dispossessing the ball from opponents. He likes to tackle. He does have room for further development, with a weakness in aerial duels.

As in the Nashville match, Ferreira is strongest center-forward against standard formations.

As to the value Ferreira brings to Houston Dynamo FC, the front office already knew when they made this designated player the most expensive signing for the franchise. To continue developing the Dynamo into the competitive power it once was, it will continue to take both smart scouting and money.

So far, the price has purchased a first-season scoring record for the team, and a bit of hope for the supporters. Keep that going.