What will it take for Dynamo Dos to find a W against Real Monarchs?

Houston Dynamo FC v Sporting Kansas City
Houston Dynamo FC v Sporting Kansas City / Fernando Leon/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The Dynamo Dos came away with a consolation win last week pulling out the the extra point in a shoot out. This week, they would like to earn the real the real thing and take three points with a home win.

This past week head coach Kenny Bundy outlined what kind of performance the Houton Dynamo 2 will have to have to post a win. Bundy pointed out three key areas.

First , the team must continue to high press but it is not the end all. One of the things, he stressed for fans to understand is that high press doesn't simply mean being higher on the field. More specifically, it means pressure on every ball and how does the team rest the press when it loses possession.

"These teams are quality, so it's about putting pressure on the ball," explained Bundy. "But part of that is also when we do get broken, because mistakes happen and teams are good, that's just the nature of these leagues, A lot of it to is in those moments, how we recover back behind the ball unselfishly and reset the press, reset the opportunity to put pressure on the ball."

The more pressure you bring, the more likely your opposition makes a mistake. Watch on Sunday to see how they pressure the ball and that will tell you how the game is progressing.

The second point Bundy made was protecting the goal. He was especially proud of how his players rally together to stave off an offensive threat. He named two specific illustrations that demonstrated his team's commitment to keeping the other team off the board.

"One thing that I am so proud of the team is they have really rallied around protecting the goal," continued Bundy. "I can specifically look at two moments that stand out. The Portland game, when we were at Portland, there was a moment where we had I think four blocks in a row. They shot it, we blocked it, it popped out, they shot it again, we blocked it, they had a cross we blocked it, and then it bounced out and we blocked it again. The boys on the field celebrated that like they celebrate goals. There's an energy to it. That's a really key point. When we went to San Jose, there was a time where I think they had a corner that popped out. When you when you see the camera angle to that and you see that there's Marcelo (Palomino), there's Juan (Castilla), there's Brooklyn (Raines), and then there's the back four and they're all standing up looking to block something, it's the one of the most underrated statistics in the game."

The less work, the keeper has the more likely your team walks out with a victory.

HIs final emphasis centered on defending transition. Counters hurt every team at one point or another, just ask the first team. A team's ability to disrupt the counter invariably dictates their success rate. Are they playing deep in the defensive third or working their way through the offensive third and a goal.

"One thing we've really focused on this year is when we have the ball counter prevention," finished Bundy. "Preventing any sort of counter movement, so it's almost organizing defensively when you have the ball, which I think if we can get players to do that, in this league, it translates really, really well to the MLS.”

If the Dynamo Dos excel at the high press, protect the goal and counter the counter, there's an excellent chance they get the much desired three points. As is the case in every moment of every match, execution is the key. With this in mind, fans can now enjoy the game a little more strategically understanding what the team is trying to accomplish. Doing this will make the sweet taste of victory even sweeter both on the pitch and in the stands.