Three takeaways from the Houston Dynamo 2 win

San Jose Earthquakes v Houston Dynamo FC
San Jose Earthquakes v Houston Dynamo FC / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Dynamo 2 posted yet another home win on Sunday night. Houston is unbeaten at home through seven matches. Head coach Kenny Bundy has the team playing good soccer both home and away but it all begins at AVEVA Stadium. Playing well is an understatement though as the team has embraced the ide of protecting their home turf at all costs. They have a goal differential of plus 15 on their home pitch.

"I like this place," explained Bundy about his team's ability to win and do so convincingly at home. "This has turned into something the boys thrive in. It is our home and where our locker room is. Where we train and also win games. We don't put too much emphasis in as to where we are playing, but it is something that the boys have taken pride in. When there is something the team feels, the staff needs to grasp it and you have to go for it. It is important and you have to feel the way the team feels - this is our home and these are our fans. The expectation is three points but also the performance. It is not just the points, we want people to leave AVEVA Stadium and say I want to go come back next weekend."

Second, Marcelo Palomino is a set piece threat that the Houston Dynamo could put to good use. The Houston area native has a team leading six goals with four four coming on set pieces. He did it again Saturday night in first half stoppage time. It turned out to be another game winner for Palomino. This time it was a curling shot over the wall and then dipping under the arms of an outstretched keeper. Palomino reminds you of a younger version of Darwin Quintero currently the only real threat on a set piece for the home team.

"Marcelo’s (Palomino) free kick was another bit of play where we get an individual that does something special," explained Bundy. "As a team we deserved to have a goal from the build-up and how we broke the lines."

Third, the Dynamo Dos have yet to play their best soccer according to Bundy. Maybe some of these guys are the infusion of energy and huger that the parent club needs. It's obvious they have the mindset of a winner. There is no satisfaction at just winning according the head coach.

"If the team ever plays to the standard that we as a staff believe they can play at, then we need to re-evaluate what we are doing because the standard can always be higher and better," said Bundy. "We won three-nil, but there are a lot of learning moments in that."

Houston has Sunday night encounter with the Colorado Rapids 2 side at AVEVA Stadium. Kick-off is set for 8:00pm CT.