How will you judge the last two Houston Dynamo matches?

Sep 18, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Houston Dynamo forward Carlos Darwin Quintero (23) moves
Sep 18, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Houston Dynamo forward Carlos Darwin Quintero (23) moves / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With two games left in the 2022 season, what can we expect from the Houston Dynamo? What should we expect from the Houston Dynamo? Is the fanbase reenergized with the Bundy's job as interim head coach? Here are the answers to those inquisitive questions.

The Houston Dynamo started off strong and then faded in the heat of summer posting yet another disappointing soccer campaign. Almost as synonymous to winning as the Dynamo were from 2006 to 2011, they have have matched the other side of the coin with a legacy of futility. As they enter the road match with Nashville, expectations are not high for the Dynamo. Even the most hardcore Houston fan is tuning in to something else on Sunday evening. You can expect that this team will not be playing out the string. Some players like Memo Rodriguez who has been here since high school are out of a contract. He is still trying to show that he belongs here and he does. His style fits in well and his ability to mesh his talents with Herrera's and Carrasquilla's makes him a valuable commodity.

What you should expect from this match is what you would expect from any other match. You should expect that the team will go to Nashville with the intent of finding three points. Nashville despite being in fourth in the Western Conference is not really any better talent wise than the Houston Dynamo. You should expect the coaching staff to have this team ready just like they would if its's game one of the 2023 season. You should expect high energy, game plan execution to the nth degree and a win.

Is the fanbase re-energized by Kenny Bundy's approach? The simple answer is that the fanbase is cautiously optimistic. This is a team that was sold the likes of Owen Coyle, Wilmer, Cabrera, Tab Ramos and Paulo Nagamura over the last seven years. The outcome has been dismal at best. Unlike the others before him, Bundy has proven he can win at every stop. He is not someone who needs grooming or an experienced assistant to keep tabs on him. In his opening trio of games, the team has come out and fought for 90 plus minutes. Bundy has proven he is adept at the MLS level but for the fanbase to be re-energized it will need faith in ownership and front office staff. That isn't there yet.

Houston is not far from being a real soccer power again. They have the talent. They have the fanbase. They have the coach. Now they need ownership to sit back and let them do their job.