Houston Dash officially introduce general manager Alex Singer

Aug 27, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Dash fans during the game against the Washington Spirit
Aug 27, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Dash fans during the game against the Washington Spirit / Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday afternoon, roughly 24 hours after the Houston Dynamo announced they were looking for a new coach again, the Houston Dash headed in the opposite direction formally introduced their first ever general manager in Alex Singer.

Singer and Dash team president Jessica O'Neill met with the media on Tuesday afternoon. It was apparent from the moment O'Neill began speaking that this is a club where everyone from the top down is on the same page with the same goal.

“We've had lots of lots of great conversations, but holistically what it came down to is that there's a shared vision that Ted and I share with (general manager) Alex (Singer), and in our conversations pretty much right off the bat it became clear that she was aligned with what we want to do with the direction of the Dash, which is to make this a destination of choice," began O'Neill.

A destination of choice she emphasized begins with winning. Winning on the pitch, winning in the community with the fanbase and winning in the battle to obtain and retain the top talent both playing and coaching in the game. Since Segal's arrival, this has been the message, the vision, and the direction of the club. Now with the addition of SInger, it's taken it up another level. The new general manager's strength is talent evaluation and branding.

"And each destination that I played at from there on out was a new challenge new environment, figuring out personalities, figuring out the organizations, figuring out the staff, and I think that having those collectively put me in a great spot for working at an agency and representing players. I think in this role, I take all of those experiences as well and just I would say, on the talent evaluation side and the global side of the game and really having a feel for the landscape of women's soccer, it's imperative to have that knowledge and that piece of talent evaluation for recruitment, so I was really able to build a network, a very global network. And I'm really looking forward to utilizing that now to bring some talent to the Dash,” explained SInger.

The new general manager emphasized that aside from evaluating and determining roles and where everything fits in the big picture between her and O'Neill and interim head coach Juan Carlos Amoros, the immediate focus right now is helping lead the Houston Dash to the playoffs and a title.

“Currently, all of our focus is on getting making the playoffs. I think that's really where we're all the focus is and where we're looking at each training session," continued Singer. "As far as my observations, it's really what can I do to support the team at this current time so that we can get a playoff spot? You know, longer term, of course, we're going to look at and evaluate the roster and of course, make some moves, but right now we're really just focusing on the playoffs.”

Houston Dash owner Ted Segal is putting together a quality team beginning with the team president and ending with the team on the pitch. The Dash are now relevant after what former interim head coach Sarah Lowdon and now Amoros have done with creating an exciting and winning culture. The road ahead will not always be simple or without its potholes but from the top down the vision, the focus and the goal is one. Win and make this a destination of choice for the best of the best in the game.