Hector Herrera introduced to Houston

Uruguay v Mexico
Uruguay v Mexico / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Houston Dynamo introduced Hector Herrera at the to be venue called Post HTX on Friday night but before that he and the organization addressed the media. It has been a work in progress but one that all involved believe changes the course of soccer history in Houston.

Houston Dynamo owner Ted Segal described in a bit of a humorous way how this moment came to be for the organization.

"As an aside, as we start this July 4th weekend, and with all due respect to our many international visitors, it's here, only in America, that a native of Canada, a native of Brazil, a couple of guys from the northeast here in the U.S. in me and Asher, could work to convince a native of Mexico based in Europe to come play for a local football club here in Houston."

 What makes Hector so significant according to Segal could be seen at the Gold Cup last year before a cheering throng at NRG Stadium.

 “It's a very, very significant signing. You mentioned actions speak louder than words. This city is familiar with Hector before. Only a year ago, in the Gold Cup, in a full NRG Stadium, did he score the game-winning goal. And the whole stadium, much larger than this one, actually, erupted. And in that case video speaks louder than words. And so his significance is already known to a large segment of our community, our soccer fans and our city. And I think we're expecting to continue that level of quality and build off of that level of quality for this year and many years beyond.”

Herrera for his part said all the right things. Now it just has to be translated to the pitch and chemistry. If it all works as everyone believes it will, the Houston Dynamo will soon be raising another MLS Cup.

"The expectations are clear. I have said them. I come here. I am here to win. And I think that the only way for that is work and mentality."