Ally Prissock; making the most of a new opportunity

May 29, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; North Carolina Courage midfielder Brianna Pinto (5) and Houston
May 29, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; North Carolina Courage midfielder Brianna Pinto (5) and Houston / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

The return of Ally Prissock to Houston is just another surprise in a season full of surprises for the Houston Dash. The defender is reacclimating to her new old team and welcomes an opportunity to contribute to the team that drafted er in 2019.

Her recall by the Houston Dash barely 60 days ago proves that it's all about the journey in life. The USC grad seemed well on her way starting all 15 of her appearances in her rookie season. The defender played a key role in the club's run to the 2020 inaugural Challenge Cup title but sports is a fickle thing.

By July 2021, Prissock was on her way to France on loan from Houston to Grand Paris Seine Ouest 92 Issy (GPO 92Issy). The move was even more surprising considering that the club had just resigned the Southern California native to a new multi year contract six months earlier.

Prissock, though, saw the loan as an opportunity to play for one of the top international women's teams in Europe. After all soccer is soccer no matter the language you speak or in this case don't speak.

"It was just a whole different [world]. I mean, I didn't speak the language. There was probably like, maybe max, like five girls on the team who could actually speak like English where you could have a conversation," said Prissock at Wednesday's team press conference. "So I guess learning how to talk to people and like, getting to know people without being able to communicate was something that I kind of learned. But yeah, it was a lot of fun, though.”

The call from then head coach James Clarkson was as much of a surprise for the former USC center back as the loan was nearly a year earlier. For Prissock though it was like a dream come true knowing that the lessons learned in France would serve her well again in Houston.

"It was a blessing, being able to be the captain and that was really cool and stuff like the time that I was there. Playing defensive mid
was not what I went in to do. So I mean, maybe I guess I learned -- that could be a lesson -- because just to be like, I don't know, versatile, because I was not planning on that at all. It's kind of what our team needed. So I guess just like learning how
to be what the team needs, no matter if it like fits what I want, or what I'm used to just kind of adapting and molding to that.”

Prissock appeared in 16 matches playing more than 1300 minutes for the French side between her arrival in July of 2021 and her return to Houston eight months later.

“I feel like I literally didn't leave, but it's been really good. I mean, the weather is a lot nicer here, which is kind of crazy to say, but yeah, it's been really nice to be
back with everybody," continued Prissock. "We were looking for center back we had lost Megan from last year. Megan Oyster (now Montefusco). So he had reached out to me and I was like, oh, man, I it was just all such a shock. Because obviously like
today would have been my last game in France. I would be playing right now in France but yeah, it was random and I just like thought a lot about it and I was like, I guess I'll give it a go again and see what happens.”

Prissock's return to Houston also means learning a new formation. The Dash under interim head coach Sarah Lowdon have gone to a three back formation. It's a scheme seldom seen in the collegiate or professional ranks.

Yeah, I feel like I don't remember the last time I played a three-back. I know that I've played four but it is new for the team. We've never really done it. It was kind of a surprise, like, it was like, Okay, we're going to do this like, here we go.' I think everyone just like got on board. Like I said like we have talented players, but it's just a matter of putting it together."

Prissock is happy to be back in Houston and Houston is happy to have her back.