Kyle Nowotny

I am a lifelong Houston sports fans, raised on the Astros for as long as I can remember. My grandfather would take me to games at the old Astrodome to see our team play. When they moved downtown, I followed and enjoyed it just as much. Even the century-loss teams of late (*sigh*). I was also raised to love the Rockets and Oilers and wish that Love Ya Blue team had capitalized on their talent to take home a title or two. Then Bud Adams happened.....When I was in college, I was introduced, and fell in love with, soccer and hockey. I was there for the Dynamo's inaugural match and have been hooked since, buying season tickets in 2007. Also that year I saw the Aeros in action and bought season tickets to them as well (I was a very broke college student as a result :/ ). So much fun was had (just 3...just give me 3 offensive passes you Aeros!) and I was very saddened to see them forced out to Iowa. The Dynamo I've been following intimately since their inception, as well as that of the league. I've been to all too many Reserve League matches (Rule #1: the coaches can hear you from the stands and will call you out), Champions Cup/League, SuperLiga (oh, how I miss thee), Open Cup and so forth. While I haven't traveled as extensively as Leo, I have seen them in KC, Denver and LA, as well as all over Texas. In 2008, I graduated from the University of Houston with a BA in English (Creative Writing).