Previewing Houston Dynamo vs. New York Red Bulls with Empire Supporter’s Club

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Soccer: MLS Cup Playoffs: Houston Dynamo Brad Davis (11) in action vs New York Red Bulls Brandon Barklage (25) at Red Bull Arena. Leg 2.
Harrison, NJ 11/6/2013
CREDIT: Guillermo Hernandez Martinez (Photo by Guillermo Hernandez Martinez /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)
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The 2016 Houston Dynamo are off and running, and despite a disappointing draw in the season opener, they took 4 points out of their first two games and are ready to take their talents on the road.

Next up for the Houston Dynamo is the New York Red Bulls, a perennial powerhouse in the East. The Dynamo have a fair amount of history with the NYRB, from back when they were in the Eastern Conference, and played a particularly dramatic playoff series against them back in 2013.

We understand that fans of a team can tend to get tunnel vision for the team that they love (we do too, sometimes), so this season we’ve been reaching out to people knowledgeable on our opponent, to get some idea of what the Houston Dynamo will be facing.

This week, we spoke to Steve Ferrezza (@MetroCapo), president of Empire Supporter’s Club, one of the prominent supporter’s groups for NYRB.

A little about ESC from Steve Ferrezza:

“Empire Supporters Club is the oldest supporters club in MLS, having been founded in 1995 before the team existed. We’re located in section 101 behind the goal and are known for mixing the South American and European support styles, as well as singing “Metro” in every song (Some habits die hard).”

If you’re a Red Bulls fan or just want to get some more information on the oldest SC in MLS, be sure to check them out at and on Twitter at @EmpireSC.

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