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We have had people tell us that reading Orange in the Oven articles on their mobile devices is difficult due to some of the advertising and other issues. Therefore, we thought we would take the opportunity to make sure that everyone is aware that there is a much easier way to stay updated on everything having to do with the Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash.

Fansided, our parent site, has created an app that features us! It’s not only more aesthetically pleasing to read on the app than on a mobile site; but you can also receive notifications whenever one of our articles are published. You can obviously stop notifications and still access us through the app.

To make it easy, I am providing step-by-step instructions here in this article on how to get the app and how to find us on it.

In order to get started you will need a smart phone or tablet. I will be using an iPhone as an example, please don’t hate me Android peeps – my company got a great deal, but it will work the same on any Android device or tablet. Let’s get started!

Click on the next slide for directions!

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